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Destiny Waterproofing offers you industry's leading waterproofing systems for virtually any building surface: Roofs, Walls, Decks, below-grade and green roof applications. The Flexible, Multi-layer coatings create a seamless envelope to repel moisture, resist environmental challanges and deliver a lifetime of dependence serivce with only minimal maintenance.

We are a roof coating and waterproofing company, specializing in liquid applied waterproofing systems.
Our waterproofing coatings system will create a seamless rubberized membrane for most roof types (flat, metal, build up, modified bituminous) foundation walls, below grade (side wallks, plaza deck under pavers slabs) balconies, parking garage floors, mechanical room floors.
Destiny Waterproofing have certified installers of Nano Technology Waterproofing products offering a total Waterproofing clear products that is not a coating or film covering.
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